Longing for a comfortable flow…


I have been searching for a way to be more consistent. To put more of a flow to our days.

I’ve tried hourly scheduling, but then I feel like I am putting God in a box. If one thing goes unplanned it throws me off and I scrap the whole thing.

I’ve tried to-do lists, but then I end up limiting myself to that list. I can’t exactly list everything I need to tend to that day. It just doesn’t seem right to put spending time with my kids on a list.

I’ve tried FlyLady and it overwhelms me. I’ve tried MOTH and it’s just too rigid.

And still…..this nagging feeling inside to have more structure, more purpose, more intentionality…..it persists.

So I am going to use this new platform as a way to try and satisfy that longing in a public way. I will share what I am doing, how I am doing and what is or isn’t working.

I have actually heard from a couple of friends that they are in the same boat. Lacking that consistency and knowing their lives and homes would be more blessed if they could get into a groove. So I am hoping to make this an interactive journey. One where we can learn from one another and get better on track in our day to day lives together.

What works for you? What isn’t working? What unique challenges do you have that you need to overcome to get into more of a flow? Please post your comments below and let’s encourage one another in this season of becoming more intentional.

Stay tuned later today for my first post about my new plans. Or better yet….scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to get my new posts via email!


6 thoughts on “Longing for a comfortable flow…

  1. I’m with you, finding the balance is hard and I still haven’t found it. I’m not getting a daily quiet time, not staying on track with my health as much as I’d like to, housework-meh-it’s clean enough but not as clean as hubby would prefer, and not getting enough quality time in with hubby, frustrated by the kids, etc. , stressed because I feel like I’m not measuring up.


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