Scheduling Series Overview


For my  first crack at this new flow of intentional time management, I’ve decided to break my day up into categories. These are the major categories of my daily life that I’d like to improve upon in some way. Then I will pick one specific way to be more intentional for the week and try to stick with it. I will post my progress here each day and an overall progress report at the end of the week.

Spiritual LifeThis week, my goal is to get up at 6:30 am (I typically get up at 7 ish) so I can spend time in prayer and the Word. The biggest obstacle I can see with this is if the children don’t stay asleep for at least the first 15 minutes so I can get in some quality prayer time. I can study with them up but prayer is a little trickier.

MarriageSpend at least 15 minutes decompressing together and talking just the 2 of us. This may seem like a no-brainer, but we could go days without sitting down face to face and intentionally sharing with one another. Which then leads to blow ups because there’s no buffer each day to take the pressure of every day life off . We’ve been trying this for a couple of days and it seems like it’s working pretty well. I want to continue this.

ParentingI really, really want to be less snappy with my kids. I am a very intense person and I need to practice being calmer when I am dealing with my children.

Home EducationI think we are doing really well in this area actually (it’s still early in the year!) So I think my goal here will be to keep up the forward momentum.

Housework: Clean something every day. Cleaning is NOT my strong suit. A schedule has to be made for me to stick to. This is one area where I have to be rigid or it won’t get done. I will share what I come up with tomorrow.

HealthI am so off base here. I have 2 goals….. get back on my eating plan (MUCH more about that to come!) and do some sort of exercise. Any sort of exercise. For any length of time. That’s how far off I am.

BlogThis is my newest area so I’m really feeling this out. I have so many fun posts planned and I’m also totally open to ideas….what do you want to read?  My goal is to write 2 posts a day.

What about you?? Who’s with me? Do you have even ONE area that you can pinpoint a goal you’d like to work on? Let’s use this platform to hold one another accountable. Post your comments below.



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