Drawing closer to my Savior


There is a beauty that comes with early morning time spent with the Lord. As the sun is creeping over the rooftops and the birds are just starting to sing.

It was easier to get out of bed this morning than I thought it would be. I didn’t plan anything last night as far as what I was going to do for my quiet time. I started out in prayer, thanking Him for the energy to start my day earlier than usual and the blessing of even waking up at all! I had a special petition this morning to pray for someone at my church who was going to have her baby today after a very difficult pregnancy.

That’s about all I got in before the little guy came thumping down the stairs. I may need to push my wake up time a little earlier to get some more quiet moments in.

Once he was up, I grabbed my Bible and decided to start reading Matthew. I feel particularly led to study the gospels at this time. I am very Old Testament rooted. I tend to lean more toward Truth than Love. I can come across as legalistic to some people. So I feel like God wants me to meditate more on the free gift of His Son during this time.

“….He will save His people from their sins.”  This was what stood out the most to me in today’s reading. We know that Jesus was chosen before the creation of the world to be our Redeemer, but when I read that I am also reminded that God has a plan for all of us. A plan He knew before even one of our days came to pass. It blows my mind.

So today was a success for my “Spiritual” goals. I plan to keep reading through Matthew and sharing what is being laid on my heart from that.

What about you? Did you spend time in the Word today? Do you have any particular prayer requests? Comment below.


6 thoughts on “Drawing closer to my Savior

  1. I admire your morning abilities!! I am not a go getter in the morning. I seem to have my best time reading in the middle of the day, typically at work. Occasionally, in the evenings when the toddler is occupied by Dad!! I used to feel guilty that I don’t get up and read my Bible in the mornings. However, I heard it said once to give your best time of the day to the Lord. Mornings have never been my best time for anything!!! So while I still would like to be more in the mornings my best study time for my concentration and brain is not first thing in the morning. However, I find that in the morning that is my best time for prayer where my heart is the most focused for that portion of my intimacy with the Lord. Not completely in relation to your blog for today but thought it was relevant enough to share!!


  2. I am reading Matthew as well. What struck me today is in chapter 25, verse 40 ” Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did of to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did of to Me.”

    Makes me think of my daily “work” as a mom and when I feel like I did NOTHING important all day long, it reminds me that I was serving my Lord with the simplest acts. Whether it be my children or someone I extend kindness too, when I am doing it in the name of Christ I am doing it for Him. How amazing. And what a huge responsibility!


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