Finding Jesus in the Aldi parking lot

IMG_1202     God met me in the unlikeliest of places today. The parking lot of Aldi. As I was shopping, I kept a tab of what my I was spending to make sure I didn’t go over what I had in my wallet. I’ve gone over before and had to use my card. My staunchly cash-only husband was less than pleased. At the beginning of the last aisle I realized I was going to go over.  I just gave up keeping count and threw the last several things I had on my list into my cart. Then I hastily put 2 things back and hoped for the best. At the register I ended up being $10 under the amount I had on hand to spend. I didn’t put back $10 worth of stuff. I know I had gone over. As I pondered this on my way out, the Lord brought to mind the story we just read a few nights ago during family devotion time.

Why do you doubt Me? Have I ever let you down before?

I felt it in my soul. These words. Impressed upon me by the Spirit.

Trust me. Believe me. Delight in ME.

The truth is, I have had so many desires in my heart that they have been crowding out the very One who made it. The desire to get my children to behave. The desire to have the perfect marriage. The desire for more me time. The desire for more financial security. And right there, in the parking lot, as I was putting my groceries in the trunk, He spoke to me.

Am I enough for you?

Even if my children make me want to pull my hair out. Even if the only thing my husband and I seem to have in common is our salvation. Even if I never have a quiet moment to do what I want to do. Even if we never reach the type of monetary success I think we need. I still have all I will ever need. And more than I will ever deserve. Thank you, God, for multiplying our modest budget to bless us beyond what I think we can afford. Thank you, Father, for caring enough to teach me lessons I should already know. Thank you, Jesus, for showing up in the most mundane places. Even the parking lot of the grocery store.

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5 thoughts on “Finding Jesus in the Aldi parking lot

  1. Many years ago, I was very short and needed money for school tuition. This was before I had internet bank access to check everything!!! Long story short, $800 and some odd dollars that I did not put into my account mysteriously appeared when I needed it. Almost exactly to what I needed. I went over my bank statement, had tellers go over my account etc. No one could find the mistake and it was my money. Still I know I did not put it there, but had been praying hard for provision. To this day I still do not know how it happened other than the hand of God. (My suspection was that a deposit was entered twice and not caught). Either way, banks do not make errors in the favor of the customer without catching it and taking the money back. I know that God provided what I needed right when I needed it!

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