Budget friendly AND kid friendly THM meal ideas


Oatmeal~ add cinnamon and stevia, berries or other fruit. crossover idea for kids: swirl in some peanut butter. (you can also make the overnight kind… several variations are found on Briana Thomas’ site.)

Cereal~ I stockpile cereal with coupons when it is on sale to get a great deal. When the kids get cereal, I eat PB&J breakfast crumble or a muffin  in  a mug (page 256) or some other variation I find on pinterest.

Eggs~ the possibilities are almost endless. my kids prefer to stick to hard boiled and plain old scrambled on toast. I really like the cheesy eggs in the book (page 219). I usually make bacon at least once a week with our eggs too.

Pancakes~ I love the pancakes in the book (page 223) and so do my kids! we have frozen berries on top.


Grilled cheese and tomato soup~ the kids have it the old fashioned way. I make mine with bread in mug (page 265) and cheddar and i make the “just like campbell’s soup” (page 292)

Tuna melts (tuna on toasted bread. topped with cheese and broiled) for the kids; tuna in a low carb wrap with veggies for me.

My kids love PB&J. On the days they have it, I will have crispy salmon (page 283) on a green salad with EVOO.

Leftovers are used for lunch a couple of times a week in our house.


Tacos or fajitas (I make mine into a salad) ~ rice for the family

Brinner (breakfast for dinner)~ bacon or sausage, quiche or scrambled eggs, berries, hash browns or pancakes for the family

Spaghetti and salad (using dreamfields pasta for mine)

Fried fish (page 344) and buttered broccoli; mashed potatoes for the family

Baked tilapia (I put spinach or kale in a 9×13 baking dish. top with tilapia fillets. season as desired and bake at 375 until flaky), quinoa or brown rice and salad

Turkey burgers (on buns for the family, on lettuce for me) and sauteed green beans (page 357)


Fruit and veggies are regular snacks in our house.


Popcorn (with butter for the kids)

chocolate cupcakes

peanut butter cups

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