What does homeschooling look like?

Every year, as the summer draws to a close, there are always a couple of people who approach me with questions about homeschooling. Friends who have had it laid on their hearts to keep their children home. And one of the questions I always get is this:

What does a typical homeschool day look like?

That’s one of the hardest questions for me to answer, for many reasons. First off, the obvious: my “typical” and your “typical” will probably look very different. We are probably teaching different levels, ages and sexes. We have children with different personalities and preferences. We will more than likely not be using the same curriculum, etc.

Secondly,  most days are not typical in our house. While we have things we set out to accomplish each day, how or when we accomplish those things change quite frequently. For example, we do our Genesis curriculum every single week day. Some days, we may do all of our work one right after the other first thing in the morning. Some days, in the afternoon. Other days, they are spread out and done in between baths or ballet practice or play dates. 

Then there is the matter of vacations, appointments or sicknesses that throw a schedule off. And don’t forget melt downs or intense discussions that pop up that derail our entire planned out day. My point is:

Homeschooling is not typical.

So a homeschoolers day isn’t either.


Okay….BUT if there WAS a regular type of flow that you try to achieve….. what would it look like?

If pressed, here is what I would say:

  • We wake up by the grace of God.
  • We eat a filling breakfast to fuel our day ahead.
  • At some point during the day, we sit down all together and do our core curriculum. (Genesis Curriculum)
  • The children all have their own math they do. At some point, they do it.
  • The children all have books they read at their own level. The 2 older ones read a chapter and tell me what is going on in their story that day. My 6 year old reads her chapter aloud to me. I read to my 4 year old.
  • We always eat lunch together.
  • Daily housework gets done periodically~ washing, drying and putting away dishes; washing, drying, folding laundry; sweeping floors; tidying up rooms of toys and such; wiping down counters and tables. The children each have thigns they help with.
  • The children play together. Sometimes nicely. Sometimes not. I think this one of the best ways they are being shaped for “the real world”. We don’t always get along with those around us, but we must learn to always be gracious and loving. Some of their favorite things to play are store, school, library, house or church; building legos; playing board games or cards.
  • They also get some video game or movie time each day if they turn in the tickets they’ve earned through chores and good behavior (planning a post on this soon)
  • We eat dinner together.
  • We sit down as a family every night that we are home and read a portion of Scripture, discuss it and pray together.

I think that’s about it for our “routine”.

What about you? What does your typical (or UNtypical) day look like? Do you have a regular routine that your family tries to stick to? Please comment below!


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