In the last days there WILL be difficulty

One of the biggest problem with TV “preachers” today is that they make people feel warm and fuzzy. They tell us that God wants us to be happy. That since He is for us, we will prosper. Bad times come to those who are in sin and far from the Lord. If bad things are happening, it’s because YOU are doing something wrong.

They use just enough bible truth to make it sound true and then they fill in all the gaps with their own ideas.

The problem is, the Bible tells us quite the opposite.

“But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.” 2 Timothy 3:1

Well there you go. Straight from the Lord’s mouth to Paul’s ear. I know that there is a lot of controversy and divided thoughts on if we are living in “the end days”. I believe we are. As we look at the Scriptures and read some of the signs, I think it’s a stretch to say we aren’t.

Thankfully, we also know that the Lord has promised to be with us through these difficult times.

The Greek word for difficult here is chalepos: which means hard, harsh, fierce.

Some other words used in various translations for “difficult” are :





In the days to come, we will be looking at some of the hallmarks of these difficult last days. For now, I leave you with a question. If these are the last days, that means the return of Jesus is right around the corner.

Are you ready?



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