Sabbath (part 1)

I took a series of polls on facebook today asking people three questions about the Sabbath:




It’s my intention to share my answers to all three of those questions in two blog posts. This one will cover the when and why. The next post will cover the how.

First the WHY:

As a Christian, I have always observed (and thought any real Christian observed) the Sabbath (or at least MY version of the Sabbath) on Sunday–the first day of the week. “The Lord’s Day.”

Imagine my shock as I began to read the actual text of the Bible and find that this is not true.

I have been lied to.


Led astray.

I have been taught (and very happily practicing) traditions of man. I have been forsaking the teachings of YHWH from His own Word.

Some people (professing Christ followers) may say (and have actually said to my face) “What does it matter? If we go to heaven through faith in Jesus alone, why does it matter?”

Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I get to heaven (on the blood of Yeshua alone), I want my Abba to look at me and proclaim “Well done good and faithful servant.”

I believe that when we really and truly see our Messiah’s sacrificial love and redemption, we will do anything in response to that gift. Even if it means questioning the ways of man.

So here I am.

Questioning the ways of mainstream, western Christianity.

My first area of scrutiny has been the Sabbath because it was one of the very first things that YHVH blessed.

 “So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.” Genesis 2:3

Contrary to popular belief, the Sabbath was not first commanded in “THE LAW” (I write it that way because people use that term very, very loosely without even clarifying what it means). Between the above passage and the passage about not collecting manna on the seventh day (Exodus 16:23-30–also PRE-LAW), I believe it is clear that even if nothing in THE LAW is binding today, the Sabbath is exempt from that because it came about before any of the Mosaic covenant. (Not to mention the many biblical references to the fact that we will be celebrating the Sabbath when we live in the New Jerusalem)


So it is my conclusion that the Sabbath is still a valid and current commandment from the Lord God.

Now the WHEN?

And the Sabbath (literally meaning the seventh) is (even on our modern calendars) Saturday. Being that YHWH always counted days as evening to morning, I would carry with the idea that evening Friday through evening Saturday is Sabbath.

Our family has been studying and learning together how to walk in obedience to the Word in this area for about a month now. It has brought us closer to one another and to the Lord. I’m excited to share some ways we have been doing that in my next post!

In closing I want to be sure to re-emphasize what I said in my previous posts (It’s a processThe beginning of the journeyUnwavering beliefs). I am not trying to sway anyone, judge anyone or cause division. I am simply sharing truths that YHVH is opening our eyes to at this time. Partly as a journal to look back at and see where He has brought us and partly for reference for those who may already be searching out these things.

Here are a couple of links I found useful in my study:

The Lord’s Day?

Word search for Sabbath on

Sabbath study

Video refuting some common objections






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