Loving my husband

The second priority I want to focus on renewing this year is my relationship with my husband. The three ways I plan to do this are as follows.


1. Love him like He wants 

The “He” in this point is Elohim. How does He want me to love my husband?


Putting his needs and preferences above my own.


Being more open with him than I am with anyone else.


Freely offering forgiveness and being quick to ask for forgiveness from him.

*GOAL: Pray for each of these areas every day during my quiet time. That I would strive for them and that I would see a difference in our interactions because of it.

2. Love him like he wants

The “he” in this point is my husband. How do I know how he wants to be loved?

1.Learn his love language

I love this because it is always so true. We have taken the quiz several times over the 15 years we have been together. Mine has changed but Chris’ has stayed the same. Women really are the more complex creatures. What we have run into is trying to fill each other’s “love tanks” with the language WE enjoy instead of the one our spouse thrives on.

2.Respect and embrace your differences

Stop trying to make him like me. The world is not going to end because he does things in a different way than I would. I need to pray for the Lord to soften my heart toward his quirks and those traits that so easily irritate me.  We are both uniquely us and that is what makes our marriage one of a kind.

3.Ask him!


*GOAL: Find a new way to regularly show him love through his language.

3. Connect

It is so easy to let the day slip away without ever having a face to face talk. To let the week slip away without doing something fun together. To let the month slip away without going out with no kids and being grown ups. To let the year slip away without sharing goals or dreams together. Make it a point to connect meaningfully.

*GOAL: Intentionally have an in-home date once a week, an out of the house date once a month and (if possible) one night away together a year.


Today is the first in my five post series about being RENEWED in the new year. I will be writing about each in order of importance in my life. (Faith, Marriage, Children, Outreach/Others, Self.) While praying over these areas and the ways I need to change in accordance to each, I realized 3 distinct sections in each area and came up with 2 or 3 attainable goals. Here is what I have settled on for my Faith Goals:



In order for my prayer life to be transformed into the vibrant, passionate, interactive thing that it should be, I first realize that I need to be COMMITTED to prayer (not merely petition for others and myself, but also thanksgiving and adoration). If I am committed then I will be CONSISTENT in praying for the needs of others (not once or twice, but until we see an answer). To really follow this call, I know that playfulness must be CONSTANT in my life (the Spirit is living and active inside me and I will strive to be conscious of His presence every moment)

My first baby step in accomplishing the above goal is to keep a regular, detailed list of my prayers in a small notebook that I will have with me everywhere so I can have specific prayers at my fingertips any time. Another immediate change is to start my daily quiet time with prayer. Typically I wait until after I am done studying because I am itching to get into the Word, but many times the timer goes off and I haven’t prayed.


My favorite part of the day is the 30 minutes we all spend individually with YHVH. It never seems long enough. This season finds me constantly yearning for more time to just sit and soak up His teaching. My three sections of focus in this area are: TORAH STUDY (I use many resources in my personal study through each week’s portion, but my main one is Hoshana Rabbah. When our group meets to study on the Sabbath, we use the studies on Restoration of Torah.) SCRIPTURE MEMORIZATION (too often I know what the Word says but I can’t site it for others. I hope to remedy this by focusing a lot more on memorization, starting with my 2 theme verses for the year: Romans 12:2 and Isaiah 43:18-19). BIBLICAL HEBREW (I have been interested in Biblical Hebrew for a couple years now and have dabbled in learning it. Now is the time for me to get serious about learning it so I can have a deeper understanding of the original words used in the Scriptures I am studying. I plan to use free resources from Hebrew4ChristiansAncient Hebrew Research CenterAnimated Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew. obviously not all at the same time 😉 )


When I think about worship, two things come to mind: PRAISE and FELLOWSHIP. Praise because singing and lifting our hands in adoration is a typical picture of worship. Fellowship, because what a beautiful picture of our unity with Yeshua is our communion with other believers! My goal to incorporate worship into my daily life will start with the baby step of playing praise music throughout the day whenever possible (Messianic Radio and Joshua Aaaron are two of my favorites).

As of right now, our family has three regular weekly times of worship through praise and fellowship. Friday evenings, we observe the beginning of the Sabbath as a family (you can read more about that Here and Here). Saturday afternoon we have a group that we study, eat and fellowship; and Sunday mornings we attend a mainstream church. These are three very distinctly different ways to worship the Lord with other believers, but all three are rooted in Yeshua HaMashiach as the reason for our meeting. My goal in this area right now is just to be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading on where, why and how we worship in each of these venues, and to be submissive to His prompting of any changes that may need to be made.

THM menu for the week of Jan 9



breakfast: Greek yogurt with chia seeds and strawberries; coffee

lunch: sauteed salmon on romaine salad with EVOO and wine vinegar; green tea

snack: peanut butter fudge (sub pf flour for the cocoa powder in recipe for rich chocolate fudge in the old book, page 386); oolong tea

dinner: papster thighs (pg 165), mashed cauliflower, broccoli

snack: red wine and dark chocolate



breakfast: eggs and avs (pg 245); coffee

lunch: leftovers; green tea

snack: pb fudge; oolong tea

dinner: S salad bowl from chipotle for a fundraiser

snack: chamomile tea with turmeric paste


breakfast: lemon poppy seed MIM (pg 278); coffee

lunch: tuna stuffed tomato (pg 363 old book); green tea

snack: pb fudge; oolong tea

dinner: baked tilapia (pg 286 old book), quinoa, white bean mashies (pg 361 old book)

snack: chamomile tea with turmeric paste


breakfast: Greek yogurt with chia seeds and strawberries; coffee

lunch: turkey and lettuce roll ups; apple slices; dunkin donuts dark roast coffee (grocery shopping day 🙂 )

snack: cheesecake berry crunch (pg. 352); green tea

dinner: zucchini noodles (pg 356 old book) with red sauce; salad

snack: chamomile tea with turmeric paste


breakfast: scrambled eggs with red pepper, spinach and onion; coffee

lunch: salad with tuna; green tea

snack: chocolate nut slab (pg 372 old book); oolong tea

dinner: slim sloppy joes (pg 63) and cole slaw (pg 230)

snack: trimtastic zucchini cake (game night with friends!)


breakfast: strawberry MIM (pg. 287); coffee

lunch: Shabbat fellowship (taking challah and fruit)

snack: chocolate nut slab; green tea

dinner: chili (pg 330 in old book); THM corn bread (pg 199)

snack: red wine and cheese


breakfast: fried eggs; coffee

lunch: out with my in-laws (something S)

snack: chocolate nut slab; green tea

dinner: turkey burger with lots of  S toppings

snack: chamomile tea with turmeric paste

img_4747-1This post is linked at Menu Plan Monday



It’s not enough to have a “word” or a theme for the year. In order for real changes to happen, goals need to be set. Measurable, practical areas of growth and transformation. I have identified five sections of life that can use some rejuvenation.


~My relationship and understanding of YHVH and what I do in response to this knowledge.


~Being a better wife and growing a closer relationship with my husband.


~Parenting, intentionally getting to know my kids better, homeschooling, discipling, etc.


~This will include my friends and neighbors, relationships with extended family and outreach into my community.


~Personal health and wellness are important and often take a backseat to caring for others, but it is so  critical to be my best so I have the ability to give to the rest of my list.


I will be making small, attainable goals and posting about each individual area over the next week or two. I hope you will join me in making 2017 the year for real RENEWAL.



Back in the THM saddle

The 18th of this month will mark my 4 year journey with Trim Healthy Mama. I have lost 40 lbs and (mostly) maintained it over this time. All while eating tasty, healthy food in any setting of life. 

I have been off plan for a few months now because I fell back into old patterns and let me tell you… I can feel the difference. Irritable, fatigued, bloated.

It is time to get back on track and RENEW my commitment to my health in 2017.

Here is this week’s menu for anyone who is interested.


Breakfast- eggs and avs (pg 245); coffee with half and half and stevia

Lunch- low carb roll up with tuna, kale, tomato, mayo; cucumber slices; green tea

Snack- green pepper slices; cottage cheese; oolong tea

Dinner- bunless turkey burger; chamomile tea


Breakfast- omelette with green peppers, onions, nutritional yeast, cheddar cheese; coffee with half and half and stevia

Lunch- sauteed salmon on kale with EVOO; green tea

Snack- apple with 1 tsp natural peanut butter; oolong tea

Dinner- meatloaf (page 158) and mashed cauliflower; chamomile tea


Breakfast- oatmeal; cottage berry whip; coffee with half and half and stevia

Lunch- leftovers; green tea

Snack- celery with peanut butter; oolong tea

Dinner- chicken tenders (pg 345 in old book); salad; chamomile tea


Breakfast- 1 cup greek yogurt with berries and walnuts; coffee with half and half and stevia 

Lunch- leftovers; green tea

Snack- cucumber slices and hummus; oolong tea

Dinner- perfect pizza (pg 211) and salad; chamomile tea 


Breakfast- scrambled eggs; coffee with half and half and stevia 

Lunch- eating at moe’s with friends

Snack- celery with peanut butter;green  tea

Dinner- lentil stew (pg 89) and challah (off plan)

Snack- wine and cheese


Breakfast- 1 cup greek yogurt with berries and walnuts; coffee

Lunch- pasta salad (made with dream field pasta); coffee. Later, veggies at a baby shower.

Snack- trimtastic cake (pg 296)

Dinner- taco salad