Loving my husband

The second priority I want to focus on renewing this year is my relationship with my husband. The three ways I plan to do this are as follows.


1. Love him like He wants 

The “He” in this point is Elohim. How does He want me to love my husband?


Putting his needs and preferences above my own.


Being more open with him than I am with anyone else.


Freely offering forgiveness and being quick to ask for forgiveness from him.

*GOAL: Pray for each of these areas every day during my quiet time. That I would strive for them and that I would see a difference in our interactions because of it.

2. Love him like he wants

The “he” in this point is my husband. How do I know how he wants to be loved?

1.Learn his love language

I love this because it is always so true. We have taken the quiz several times over the 15 years we have been together. Mine has changed but Chris’ has stayed the same. Women really are the more complex creatures. What we have run into is trying to fill each other’s “love tanks” with the language WE enjoy instead of the one our spouse thrives on.

2.Respect and embrace your differences

Stop trying to make him like me. The world is not going to end because he does things in a different way than I would. I need to pray for the Lord to soften my heart toward his quirks and those traits that so easily irritate me.  We are both uniquely us and that is what makes our marriage one of a kind.

3.Ask him!


*GOAL: Find a new way to regularly show him love through his language.

3. Connect

It is so easy to let the day slip away without ever having a face to face talk. To let the week slip away without doing something fun together. To let the month slip away without going out with no kids and being grown ups. To let the year slip away without sharing goals or dreams together. Make it a point to connect meaningfully.

*GOAL: Intentionally have an in-home date once a week, an out of the house date once a month and (if possible) one night away together a year.


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